The AIPIA World Congress returns to its iconic home, Beurs van Berlage, in the heart of Amsterdam for its ‘live ONLY’ event on 14/15th November 2022. 

The world of Active & Intelligent Packaging will gather to discuss and demonstrate the latest Smart Packaging developments to a host of Brand Owners and industry stakeholders and practitioners.

14th-15th November 2022, Amsterdam

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AIPIA World Congress Pass

2-day Congress Access to the Smart Packaging World Congress 

14th and 15th of November

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AIPIA World Congress Combination Pass

- Access to AIPIA World Congress on the 14th and 15th of November

- Access to Innovation Horizon (Sustainable Packaging Summit) on the 15th of  November

Innovation Horizon brings together the people at the cutting edge of packaging innovation with those who can speed up positive impacts on sustainability. This conference will explore the demands, challenges and changes that will drive sustainable innovation in the coming 5+ years and zoom in on the most significant areas of R&D find out more here

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